I joked about dancing naked: Shah Rukh

New Delhi "Doesn't anyone take a joke anymore," asks Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan after his statement of dancing naked if his team Kolkata Knight Riders wins the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) was blown out of proportion by media. "Read in some paper that I can be taken to court for my dancing in the buff statement at IPL. When will people develop a sense of humour," the actor posted on his Twitter page. "I just joked about dancing like that at IPL... obviously I won't even if my team wins. Who does? Doesn't anyone take a joke anymore... ha ha," he added. The actor didn't even hesitate from cracking another joke on the controversy. "...from now on I am also bathing with my clothes on, ha ha," he said. Shah Rukh's team presently ranks sixth in the eight-team IPL-3.