Aamir performs on TV for a cause

New Delhi Bollywood star Aamir Khan, who usually stays away from any stage performances, teamed up with his "3 Idiots" co-star Kareena Kapoor to shake a leg to raise funds for artists who need financial support. STAR India Pvt. Limited and Cine & TV Artist Association (CINTAA) are coming up with an entertainment programme called "CINTAA - Super Stars Ka Jalwa" in which 52 actors will come together to raise funds for needy artists. Aamir had to postpone the shoot due to a serious leg injury but, after recuperating, he completed the shoot on time. The fund will be used to construct a building that will have medical facilities, rehearsal halls, theatre, gym, club, library, restaurant and two offices. The show to be telecast for two hours every Sunday has been co-produced by Sohail Khan Entertainment and Seventy Event Management.