'Bloodshot' star Vin Diesel feels pressure playing superhero

Los Angeles, Feb 25 (IANS) It was not easy for Hollywood star Vin Diesel to prepare for the role of a superhero in the upcoming film "Bloodshot".

Diesel recently took to Instagram and posted a video about making the film, explaining about the pressure he faced while filming "Bloodshot".

Directed by Dave Wilson, the action movie follows super-soldier Ray, aka the superhero Bloodshot, who is brought back from the dead by a corporation through the use of nanotechnology.

"First of all, other than the Groot character...it was the established superhero I have ever played. So after all with that comes a certain amount of pressure.

"The character of Ray Garrison, who's Bloodshot, a personality who has handled post-traumatic stress dysfunction and actually represents the idea of the forgotten or discarded solider. So for me it was important to research about the sentiment that existed in a few of our veterans, and Blooodshot specifically has been the military's favourite superhero," Diesel said.

Sony Pictures Entertainment India will release 'Bloodshot' on March 13 in India.